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My story with Fouad Alfarhan

  I still remember that Wednesday of December 18th 2007, I was exploring the new discovered world of the Arabic and specifically the Saudi blogging, it has been two years back then since I start following the blogging phenomena and mainly focused on the western bloggers as I didn’t expect to find Arabic bloggers enjoying the same level of Professionalism and freedom of speech, at that time I discovered that I missed a lot…

I am Jordanian with a Palestinian roots, but being living in Saudi Arabia was a motivated to start looking for people writing and discussing issues related to this part of the world, as expected a lot of fun and pointless Jokes at start and after some filtration I end up with some respectful blogs, I remember seeing a small banner in the right bottom of the screen labeled with “Free Fouad”, I don’t know what I was expecting, any way one click on that link and I found may self face to face with official sites of the campaign that launched by Fouad friends to free him as he soon arrested by the Saudi authorities.

Well that’s interested … I thought , from that site I jumped to Fouad blog, I wanted to know more about this guy, I didn’t expect that what I am about to read well change the way I am looking to things for ever, In less than 3 hours, I covered his full blog article by article and even goes over comments, there were something strange in his way of writing that keep you going and thirsty for more to read, Fouad knows how let you feel as like you are the one that writing, he writing about you and for you , touching your simple daily struggles and fear, using a simple and easy language and talking with a humble  accent that goes down to your level instead of forcing you to rise to its level, Most of all you can’t mistake the sincerity and honesty in his words, it was clear to me that I am reading for a honest man writing for his people not for his narrow interest.

This sincerity has been met with equal loyalty from fouad fans, within hours of his arrest a campaign has been released, official sites and banners all over the net was calling for his freedom, to make it short after 6 months of his arrest fouad released, his blog is blocked now and fouad activities are now limited in twitter and facebook.

Couple of weeks a go I add him in my facebook account and send a note to him expressing my deep appreciation and apologizing for not being active member in the campaign of releasing him, personally I wouldn’t excuse any one if that happen to me :), he respond with an answer that I thought I will die before I hear it from any Saudi, 26 years which is my life in Saudi Arabia and he was the first that stress on the fact that despite of my nationality I am citizen of this nation and no one can or have the right to question my love to this country, his little word was deeply touched something inside me, No wonder that he have a lot of lovers 🙂

Yet we should admit that Fouad was lucky enough to find someone looking after him and a global TV and journalism talking about his case, otherwise he would still in prison till today, I bet you on that, Tareg Albeiasi, Kareem Amer and  Ahmed Adel are just some of many are now arrested across different middle eastern country for nothing but because they did practice there right of free speech, its a crime in this part of the world

Those blogger each in his own unique way has given me something or several things that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and influenced positively and professionally the blogger I am today. because of them I am writing using my real name and my real identity, those people deserve to be remembered and deserve to keep looking after them …. what a shame on us to forget them after all they did provide



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