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About the writer


My name is Mahmoud Alkhateib (the pronounce of the family name in Arabic are totally different, and it will sound strange for you), you can call me Mahmoud

My family picked this name for me “Mahmoud” as its mean “the one that receive a lot of commendation” Born 1983 , Lived and working in Saudi Arabia , to be more specific in Dammam City, it’s a beautiful city in the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia and yes its where you can find the biggest oil fields in the world also its very close to Bahrain  (use Google maps for more info) one thing I don’t like about it , it’s Hot Hot Hot Hot … (Not in a sexy way)


I am a computer programmer proficient in more than 6 programming languages, I hold a BCs degree in Computer since, I am a Certified Oracle Database developer, I am ERP expert working in a company spanning more than 220 countries (Procter & Gamble), I speak 3 languages, I am a former kick boxing player, a poet, a warrior, web designer. I am studying for an MBA. I have been rewarded from the “UNICEF” for my effort in spreading awareness of “the right of children“.

My Code in life:

“Some people live their lives drifting in the wind; others harness the wind to go where they please”

Thing’s I like:

Honesty, smart and trust, knowing good people, having goals and ambitions in life Also love to read and write Poems (In Arabic of course), I also like to do a lot of charity works and already adopted (financially) some orphan children and contributed in many nonprofit organization

Thing’s I don’t like:

Lie, stupidity, Overacting, arrogance, Superficiality, materialism, mind games, UN clarity, secrets, I also don’t like eating Kebab and the hot spices in general

Thing I don’t like in myself:

I am completely happy with myself; the only thing I am looking to change is the overweight issue

My Dream:

To live a happy life and make a difference in other people life, every second you spend without trying to help other who needs your help is a wasting of time; we are living in a bad world because even the good people don’t do anything to make it better

Last Word:

I’m not superior to your every day man; The Weakness, the isolation, the fear … I Have Been There …

I decided that I will not be shocked by the reality of our rough world; instead, I want to give reality its biggest shock. I will shock reality, this is what I am expecting of myself, Dear friend I want you to join me, let’s show life just what it’s dealing with.

If this about page has left you wanting to know more, you can contact Mahmoud by emailing him at alkhateib dot mt [at] gmail dot com, poking him on Facebook, connecting with him on LinkedIn, or simply buying him a nice gift.



  1. Nice profile

    Comment by Peter | July 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. thanks buddy, u seem to be a nice guy,hope our friendship goes on and on and on,

    Comment by tarun | October 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. One of the best profile’s i have read. well written.

    Comment by Donald Rogers-hunt | October 20, 2009 | Reply

  4. What a great profile. looking forward to learning more of this impressive man.

    Comment by Tony | February 19, 2010 | Reply

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