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In Saudi Arabia , Why Mecca Just For Muslims ?


PS: this article is directed mainly to the Non-Muslims readers

Ok its the summer time again, every body looking for a nice place to spend his vacations, some may looking for a beaches, other heading to mountain, some may end up relaxing in a fancy resorts, yet still there are some creasy people eager for adventures, such people usually don’t look for a nice place but for a nice thing to do, kind of things that will give them a great story to tell and remember, or maybe something inspiring to help them have a second look to their life, through my life I have bee in contact with too many difficult situation and people from various culture and background, I don’t deny it has been scary, but when I recall them now I found that I have been privileged for being in touch with such man-shaping life experience, each situation in its unique way has given something and several things that will last with me for the rest of my life and influenced positively and professionally the man that I am today, few people realize that this is the core of tourism, the core of tourism is to get in contact with people and places that will help you to see the world out of your self not to waste your money on a hotels and fancy restaurant. 

This introduction was in my opinion necessary to tell you about one of the few remaining inspired and believe or not undiscovered tourism destination in the world, who would believe that in a country like Saudi Arabia there is more than oils and money.

Saudi Arabia

Without more further, in the western side of Saudi Arabia there is complete region that include two major cities are still unknown for the majority of the western world, in general Saudi Arabia is not that open place for tourists and the few who manage to come for sure never visit this places .. Why ? …  because its prohibited on non Muslims ! yes it doesn’t matter if you are an Arab or American or what ever , if you are not a Muslim and have an ID that clarify your religion you will not be allowed to be even 50 km away from this place, the photo you are seeing above is what you will see when you drive on the highway that take you to these places, I know this is sound unfair specially if you know that we talk about two of the most important city in the world (at least for about 1.3 billion Muslim) I am talking about the place where Islam has born, I am talking about where Mohammed (Messenger of Gog in Islam) has started his message to the world asking them to pray for one God. I am talking about Mecca and Al Madinah cities. 

What does make it special and Why its no allowed to be visited by non-Muslims ?

because its contain Al-Masjid al-Haram ,the most Sacred Mosque in Islam , it’s the largest mosque in the world. Located in the city of Mecca, it surrounds the Kaaba, the place which Muslims turn towards while offering daily prayers and is considered the holiest place on Earth by Muslims, some religious Sheikh think that as a holy place it should only be visited by Muslims and others don’t have the right to do ..!  


The irony is that this place doesn’t fit the category of “undiscovered places”  as there are estimated of 100 million visitor come to this place every year, not to mention that its surrounded by world most luxuries hotels and its a well known places at least for the sixth of total world population (the percentage of Muslims in the world), and just for your info its not just the biggest mosque in the world , even when I take all other religions into consideration its still to be the biggest prayer place ever build by human been, in seasons (which is mainly Ramadan and Al Hajj ) about 3.5 million Muslim gather in this place to pray to God five times per day, Worth to mention that Al-Masjid al-Haram holding the world record of the biggest number of human gathering in the same place, no other demonstration or event could manage to have such huge number of people.

Yet its still the most unknown place for the majority for the western world, the level of ignorance about the history of this holy place and the secrets that surround it still huge, by the way take a deep look to the Kaaba (that black building in the middle of the mosque), this is a place were very few people are allowed to enter, no one know for sure what’s inside, some say there is an old treasures has been kept since more than 1400 year and other believes its contain some personal belongs to the Prophet of Islam Mohammed.

If you still didn’t find all that attractive you must know that this is not the only place that prohibited on non Muslims (the city of Mecca) actually there is another city it Al Medina Al Munawwarah , It is the second holiest city in Islam, and the burial place of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and it is historically significant for being his home after the Hijrah (moving from Mecca to Medina ), and to make it short all the area between those two cities are isolated and not opened all the year even for Muslims, this include the Cave of Hira, Jamaraat Bridge , Mina , Muzdalifah and so many other important historical places are hidden from the rest of the world, these places representing a very important parts of Islamic cultures and human history and I do believe its wrong to isolate them by this way.

The purpose of this note is not to invite you to Islam but to tell you that you have the right to see other face of human cultural that has been kept hidden from the world for many decades now, so Lets ask the one million dollar question …  if you are not a Muslim and don’t consider to be soon (or may be you do if interested click on the link) What you should do ? , who should give dam a shit for rules, already the security there are not restricted, remember its just not allowed as per religious Sheikh orders not for security purpose, and so basically What you need to do is to legally get a visa to Saudi Arabia and then travel to there, I can’t share the details on public but it will need some mountain climbing and will need to drive the care on some side roads and through some small village to pass the check points in the cities entrances .(Contact me I will provide some of the logistics support 🙂 ) Warning: remember if you will do it you must do it on your own risk, I don’t want to have issue with the authority. 

And after that Enjoy, at least there are 6 American and British news reporters did that and wrote about their experience, yes did it in the same illegal way. What will happen if the authority catch you ? they will send you back home with a rough latter to your country embassy .. so don’t you think its worth suffering for ..

Finally I know that my post will leave you wanted to know more about Saudi Arabia and this cities so don’t hesitate to ask,  I will let you enjoy watching this short trailer for the great movie Journey To Mecca , the movie that I believe every one no matters of his faith should see it.   


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