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Why Muslims Scarf is Provocative

PS; This is a translation of an article written by Maram Maccauy, she is a Saudi girl studding for PHD degree in computer science in UK

It was a hard day few weeks ago, were I suppose to discuss my final research as graduation requirement, the effort of the past few years was depending on what will happen in the few hours that morning, and unlike expectation, everything goes fine, there were some rough question and others went so easy, over all the scientific discussion was in a high level and exactly as I like it to be.

Later I must spend some time with the internal examiner of my university, to tell me about the suggested modification on my research before I print the final copy that will be registered, it was the end of a long day and I was so exhausted, but for my surprise I found my self in another kind of test …!

The examiner start talking about his Muslims students, and mentioned his previous girl student that came from Arabian Gulf, and she was a daughter of a famous man there, then he smiled archly and said “when they visit me they drink the wine they claim to be prohibited in your religions!”, it was clear to me that this man want to open a dissection, this is way he started with this sentence.

I was so exhausted from the early discussion that I have early morning and didn’t want to engage in any another talk I was about to just shut up and not comment on his note, but it was my religion what this man tray to insult and if there something to say I must say it now.

The man start attacking the three religions(Christianity , Islam and Judaism), and he consider them (the three profits of that religions) just a smart men managed to let people follow them and to believe in their message despite of all its contradictions, and God simply doesn’t exist, and Darwin theory explain every things, and there is no purpose for our life or death, and as a scientist he just believes in what does science proves, then he asked me why should I wear the scarf while the men doesn’t. ?

I asked him quietly: why does my scarf bother you since it doesn’t bother me? Reply categorically: “because it’s not a Britain, not Western” as if he wants to say “it’s un civilized” and I said: so you think that the civilization is what the western world is? and everything else is simply not civilized and you shouldn’t learn from it, excuse me sir (I said) one of the things that I will take out from my study here is that I should take an in-depth look to all opinions before I form my own. Nobody can claim he has all the answers, and if I would consider your way of judging things then I should refuse everything I see here as its simply not Islamic or Saudi thing, and of course then I will be described as extremist or terrorist.

The professor then change the subject little bit and said let’s suppose there is a God, it will be ridicules from him to control what we eat and drink and manage all our action, this is interference with our personal freedom, can’t you see how religions are used to  control people ? And how the politicians used religion to give authority to their regimes? And how men dominate women’s?

And I answered: if it’s about how politicians and how some people used the religions for their narrow interest then this is something we can agreed on and its undeniable, neither in the past or at the present, but let’s agree that this is not an issue in the religions itself, it’s all about how people can use even the most beautiful things in the wrong way.

And about personal freedom, here we can see the difference between the Islam and the western culture, in the western culture the individual freedom is respected to the ultimate limit, even if its goanna to harm the society, sometimes its sacrifice the society just to respect the individual interest, while in Islam its give the ultimate care to the family and so to the community which is the base of any civilization, for example you drink but you don’t drunk because you are a university professor and a mature man who can control his action, but we all know that the society we are living in are suffering from the over drinking issue to the degree that it could shock the foundation of our society, care accident, Raping, family violence and much more incident we hear about are in most cases happen due to drunk or drug issues, and so just because someone want to enjoy his drinking we are all suffering, the same things applies on sexual relation outside the marriage institute, while its allowable hear as along its just please the two engaged party, in the other side its produce children most likely will end in a social care center, or living without mother or father in the very best cases, and yes the government pay very well for those teenagers moms, yet the result are not as good as it need to be, the child deserve to live a normal life with both mother and father and the money alone could not provide the right environment for raising a good man, as a result we can see the boys street gangs spreading across UK, if this is not enough you can have a look to any prison and check the background of the criminals there.. you will find that most of them are coming from a breaking families that also knowing as a single mom family, so does that tell you any thing, all that happen because one man and girl didn’t engage in the right way, its become normally to find a single mom with four children each one of them have a different color and shape, the ultimate freedom is a delusion, we should have a minimum constraint so the life could go in the right way.

At that point I felt he start thinking of what I said, but he said again that he did read all the three religions and doesn’t find what he is looking for, I am not an absolute believer neither infidel (he said), but I don’t find the idea of a God is so convincing, but I still keep it in my consideration, I commented that as long you don’t look in these religions without previous judgment it goanna to be very hard for you to find anything, if you tried to be more objective and used your professional scientific principle to help you find the truth instead of looking on gaps or mistakes in what you see then you may reach to something.

And hear I really needed to go, the professor thanks me and told me to come at any time to talk about my research, and he was happy with our discussion

In another day I was taking launch with my girl friend “Eva”, given that she is a Christian and a secular, I asked her why I keep getting such question from my men collogues? And why that examiner behaves with me like that and didn’t do the same with other Muslims students?

She smiled and said, “My dear, because you are representing all what could confutes his own theory, Maram remember that for a long years the western world was looking to the scarf and the women who wearing it with inferiority, they claim that the scurf is nothing but a tool for men to dominate women’s, but today the new generation of Muslims women in the west are educated, smart and confident of their self, and hear its where become too dangerous!  the fact of you being a Muslim girls wearing a scurf and studying a major that even the girls in UK don’t dare to study, and more you are applying for PhD degree on it, is simply denying all the theory they believes in and promote for centuries, and sitting in the exam room and discussion your letter with a top class professor in UK in something so provocative and another prove that your scurf doesn’t prevent you from being what you are today, and so he become interesting to know how educated girl like you accept to be a salve (by wearing scurf) even when you far a way from home “

When I thought of what she said I understand why the Muslims scurf become a global issue and bring all that attention and concern from others, and why France get too extreme to the degree that its banned the scurf in all their school and throw a way all what they repeatedly saying about (personal freedom)

To those who keep marking Islam with the enclosed on it self religion, and in other side they complementing the west, I say , can you please be fair and admit that every methodology are afraid from what ever could deny its fact ? or any thing could possibly reveals its issues..



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