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Why to blogging in English

Ok, Some may say its the Inferiority Complex “عقدة الخواجات”, other thinks its the disbelieving of the power of our community, and some may assume its just the desire of being able to communicate and make your voice heard across the glop without barriers ..

And I say its a combination of all above + the desire of practicing and improving my English skills … yes that simple ..

Its clear that English is not my mother language, neither the main language in the society I am living on (Yet), but give me a break, in today world its really doesn’t matter if you are not speaking the native language of the people you are living between, I traveled around the world from Europe to Asia and Africa and one thing I wasn’t worry about, its the ability to communicate with others, as long I am holding in my mouth the global passport of communication “English” its become obviously expected from all nation to prepare it self to deal with that language speaker or it goanna to be a backward kind of country.

Needless to say that in today professional work environment the Arabic language are simply “useless”, being working in a multinational company its normal to deal with other in daily bases with non Arabic speaker (Philippians, American, European etc .. ) and yes its shame on you to not be able to do, its a kind of disability to not be able to, its normal for foreign person to spend years and years working in Saudi Arabia and going back home without being able to talk one word in Arabic.

I would be sad and angry from this situation if it was only about Arabic, all others languages no matter how many the population they using it are dying slowly, its become global trend this days.

I have no doubt that Arabic was and will continue to be the most beautiful language in the world, its the language of our holy book, its the language that used to write the most inspiring and beautiful poets in the world, no other language are capable to give you the deep meaning and express the most complex human feeling as Arabic do.

Yet, I can’t Ignore the fact that in my office I use English to communicate with my Arabic friend from morocco as I can’t understand his special accent of Arabic, what a ridiculous, two Arabic people using English to communicate. 


July 3, 2009 - Posted by | Personal

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